The great outdoors and the freedom to explore – and set up camp- are core to Portobello’s ethos. So it’s of little surprise that children’s parties are amongst our favourite events to which we supply our tents.

The childhood excitement about sleeping under the stars and embarking upon adventures is infectious – and we aim to make the experience as enthralling as possible. With Portobello, children get their ultimate den; the sense of exhilaration and exploration, whilst parents get the knowledge that it’s all happening in a safe and secure environment.

Think days trekking through woods and participating in treasure hunts, and evenings eating marshmallows and listening to campfire music – followed by an amazing night of story sharing (or sleep for the parents!). 

Portobello is here to make your child’s party more than about presents. Portobello is here to help you make memories and we just love it!