The Lotus Belle has won the hearts of both boutique camping aficionados and festival first timers across the UK.

Where normal bell tents pitch towards a central pole in the middles, as though in the eaves of an old Tudor house, our Lotus Belles are designed with an ingenious curved pole system in the side walls. This means that the 5m of floor space at ground level is carried up to head height at 2m, more than doubling the interior space of the tent.

During those lazy mornings at festivals when gearing yourself up to thrust back into the fray, it’s essential to be surrounded by all the creature comforts needed to make easing in all the more enjoyable.

Our V.I.P Lotus Belle tents come with an array of frills that do just that. Think scatter cushions, slippers, dressing gowns, interesting digest in the form of Blogosphere Magazine and Transform Festival Journal, ethically sourced toiletry hampers packed with essentials to keep both your body and conscience clean, a clothes rail and shoe rack keeping your garms un-creased and floor spotless. The list actually does go on, so for more information you should check out our website, and for even more information, email us on

If you want to experience our Lotus Belles in action, you can do so at the following festivals- Noisily, Bluedot, Glastonbury and Kendal Calling to name but a few.

If you have a favourite festival that we don’t supply, send them an email and tell them to book us, then we’ll see you there!

For wedding / event enquiries, or to find out more about our all new Lotus Mahal Tent drop us an email on