On a hot sunny day back in May, we packed our bags and hit the long road north for a truly splendid Scottish wedding. Lachie Gordon , old friend and co-founder of our sister company, Bassline Productions, wed in an unconventional inter-faith fiesta, his beautiful Scottish-Mexican bride Heather Athié at his childhood home in Gruinard, Scotland.

Providing accommodation for weddings is one of our favourite jobs. Taking place in exceptionally beautiful locations and in an atmosphere of joyful excitement, it hardly feels like work at all. Wedding glamping is (happily for us) becoming more and more popular – it means that guests don’t have to arrange taxis, or find accommodation hither and thither – and you can get married (almost) wherever you like.

We brought twenty-eight tents with us, and set up camp on a gorgeous stretch of lawn between the sea and the mountains. Bunting flapping lazily on the guy ropes at the entry of the tents and a heavenly view of the sparkling shores down below was a blissful setting to wake up in. The days were warm (blessed indeed), and a roaring bonfire fought off a slight nip to the air in the evening, around which we gathered in communal firelight, before retreating to the luxury of sumptuous bedding beneath the open sky.

The wedding day itself was an extravaganza of surprise delights; a mystery tour of the family home explored as the celebration progressed – from the ceremony over the bridge, drinks in the orchard and party at the house. An occasion to celebrate every belief, the non-traditional feel was enhanced by a sea of kilts, feathers, tweeds and sequins, and no few wellies amongst the congregation, who with great enthusiasm belted out Bohemian Rhapsody as the ceremony ended. Magnifico.

Having managed to get so many close friends and family all this way (roughly an hour and half closer to the North Pole than Inverness), Heather and Lachie made sure the event was worth the miles travelled. The next day, Sunday, was cheered with some rousing walks in the highlands, blowing away hangovers and working up an appetite for the evening’s Mexican feast. Tortillas and tequila after striding across Northern Scotland’s spectacular breadths? Why on earth not?

Then followed another night under the stars, sleep made all the sweeter by the fresh air. Monday too was an exceptional day, with a scrumptious hog roast set up on the beach to feed everyone up once more before they all went home.  A ‘refreshing’ dip in the sea was braved by some, though on the whole, sitting on the sand with a hot pulled pork roll in your hands was believed to be a better option.

We had a marvelous time and immensely enjoyed being a part of it. A fantastic couple, exquisite scenery, fab party and lots and lots of wonderful people.  And, the tents were a great success; who knew camping in the highlands could be such an utter pleasure?