At Portobello, we love making every party epic. We pride ourselves in tailoring each event to each client – to make sure their every need is covered.

Take, for example, weddings. We are dedicated to making your special day just that – special.

With Portobello, your guests will no longer have to stress about ordering that taxi or fight about who is the designated driver, the ladies won’t even have to worry about squishing a set of flats into their clutches.

Instead, ahead of the ceremony they will be met by one of our friendly Portobello porters, who will take their overnight bags and show them to their luxury bell tent accommodation.

Here, they can leave their belongings securely, until they are ready to freshen up before the reception.

Our tents will be guarded throughout the night, and guests can come and go – and be pointed in the right direction (depending on how much champagne they’ve consumed) – safely and securely as they please. So no longer will your guests have to be dragged off the dance floor by their partners. With Portobello, people can boogie on as long as their legs will let them. They will be able to enjoy every ounce of your special day…

…and to sleep off their hangovers in luxury.