Weddings have long followed a traditional format. The bride and groom expected to follow the framework of their parents wishes – ceremony in a church, two hour drinks reception, white marquee, three course meal, dry and hard fruit cake, speeches, average band, even more average DJ, too much wine, carriages at 1am.  

Do you remember the last wedding you went to like that? Probably not, because it was instantly forgettable, or pales in with the others that followed the same format.

A tradition is only a tradition because someone has been doing it for a long time, and it doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. But, we’re here to help!

You don’t need to revert to the old format just because you don’t know where to start, or you’re trying to please someone who still calls the cinema the pictures, listens to the wireless, and remembers when black and white television was still a thing!  

Every year young couples are thinking further outside the box in search of individuality, and in a country where there are over 500 independent festivals it’s no surprise that the first port of call for a day with a difference, is the Festival Themed Wedding.

“We’ve seen it before, there’s nothing new about that…” we hear you say.

Well, in general, perhaps, but the beautiful thing about festivals is that each and every one of them is different. They have their own character, and that character is a direct reflection of the core intentions of the team who produce it, and in the case of your wedding, that is you.

We love to get creative, and doing so in the name of love are the most rewarding jobs of all. So if you’re getting hitched and want to make it laid back affair with a party atmosphere, and ensure all your guests can walk (or crawl) to bed without having to organise taxis to their hotels, Portobello Tents may well be the solution for you.

Drop us an email on explore@portobellotents.com and we’ll help in any way we can!