We’ve compiled a few ideas that we think might help to inspire and motivate creative costuming, from top to bottom, rain or shine. The most wonderful part of festival fashion is that it is, and should be, primarily a declaration of self-expression; so it goes without saying that all that follows here is merely observation and suggestion; for you to do with what you will…

Whether it’s a blazing hot sunny day, or miserably dribbling grey one, something to keep between you and the elements is never a bad idea. Gorgeous embroidered parasols, lacy ones, or indeed exquisite painted silk numbers are a beautiful addition to any outfit, and immensely practical when it comes to saving your nose from turning pink. Of course if it’s raining you will have to go for its hardier, no-nonsense sibling: the umbrella. Fear not, however; the umbrella industry these days is much more inventive than the mere checked patterns or somber black of yore. Brighten up a cloudy day with a big flower, or something with ears…

Next level down is the all-important and oh-so-statement hat. Whether it’s felt with a perky pheasant feather or a straw floppy covered in daisies, your hat will add a real appeal to your get up. There’s the added bonus that it will also keep your noggin safer from the sun, and once again look after your little nose. Watch out for hat hair though; once it’s on, keep it on.

If you choose to forgo the hat and opt instead for something a little more lightweight, that won’t wreak such havoc with your hair, festoon yourself in flowers. It’s a wonderful way of embracing the festival spirit of hedonistic escapism. From over-sized roses to sweet little posies tucked in here and there, flowery headbands and embellishments are a staple summer party accessory.

Now, here we come to a very important aspect of the dressing agenda; your sunglasses. We have protection, decoration, identity and disguise all wrapped up in one double-lensed parcel. If by some happy chance the day is sporting a roaring hot sun, you’re going to need to avoid being blinded by it, and the glare it’s going to add to all you see. Plus, you can go really mad on what size/shape/colour/material/etc. you choose; and what it’s going to say about who you want to be for this particular weekend. Finally, and maybe most important of all, you’re going to be able to hide half your face on those mornings after the night before when you’re perhaps not looking, or feeling, your best.

Transfers, stickers, glitter: all good things to throw over yourself and instantly bedazzle your whole outlook. Whether they’re on your face or anywhere else, they are great fun and fit in your handbag – so you can spangle whenever you choose. They instantly add excitement to any outfit too, so if you feeling a bit boring just stick gold things to your face till you’re outshining them all.

Having dealt with the adornment side of things, we come now to a more practical requirement. This might seem like an optional extra, but there’s every chance you’re going to need it more than anything else. That is, your bacon-saving outside layer. If chosen correctly, it will do so in a multitude of different ways. Whilst a jacket will keep you toasty and warm when it should, it really only has one purpose. The ever so cool waistcoat (and oh, they really are cool), might keep your shoulders warm but not much else. A blanket wrap, on the other hand, will keep you cheerful as you wrap it around you in the cold, or lie on it in blissful sunshine. From delicious creamy cashmere to funky Moroccan wool-pieces, you’ve plenty to choose from to keep your image rocking.

Now we come to another crucial point in the decision making process: bum bag or pocket belt? Or even a cross-body bag? We need not stress that no other form of vessel should even be considered. You’re going to need your hands free, and your precious things safely tucked away from nimble fingers. Once again, the smorgasbord of crocheted, lacy, embroidered, leather, knitted, fringed and sequined options is joyfully overwhelming, so whatever you choose, you’re going to have a heavenly time doing it.

Last, but not least, the critical topic of footwear. Do you go comfy or couture? Well, both if you can. But if not, definitely the former. And if it’s wet, don’t even think about anything fancy; you’re going to want your wellies, and if not, then at the very least take care of yourself with something sturdy and waterproof. There’s nothing worse than muddy, damp toes when you’re trying to ignore the rain.

Last but not least; and whilst this isn’t something you wear, nor at all practical to carry around a festival, we just think they’re such fun you should invest in one this summer… A Polaroid camera. Yes, they might be a bit bulky, and not entirely inexpensive, but they really are the best at capturing those happy moments the old fashioned way, when the first take actually counts. Besides, you’re going to want to record all your fabulous fashion choices; so do it is the most fashionable manner!