We’re not ones to wish our days away. We believe in making the most of the moment you’re in. But there are happenings on the horizon we can’t help but be excited about.

Exciting upcoming events

Festival No. 6

The last big festival of the summer, we are all looking forward to heading down to Portmeirion for Festival No. 6. Designed to look like an Italian seaside town, its charming eccentricity and excellent weather make for a remarkable party setting. Let the sheep make way for the revellers! We’ll be in the Boutique Retreat – the exclusive VIP village overlooking the sea. We are delighted to be going and can’t wait to set up camp in such a spectacular location.

Road Trip

We may be heading east across the water for a corporate event – something else we’re looking into developing further at home too. Better brush up on the German for this one!

We’re not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. But when the summer’s ready to say goodbye to us, there are still plenty of places you can catch us. Our new shop for instance!