Noisily Festival, now going into its 5th year, has always been aware of its carbon footprint and has taken steps to reduce the impact it has on the surrounding area. Over the years, as the head count has grown from 450 in 2012 to nearly 3,000 in 2015, it’s become an increasingly important to reduce wastage as much as possible through recycling, careful planning and renewable fuel sources.

2015 saw the move to biodiesel from red diesel, meaning that all the power on site was carbon neutral, whilst the tower lights were juiced up using solar arrays that were hidden out of site in fields adjacent to the camp site.

2016 and the 5th birthday party sees Portobello Tents joining the Noisily fray, and beyond providing a complete boutique camping area managed by our team, we will be working in conjunction with the festival and a local carbon offset initiative to ensure that we not only provide a neutral service, but we actually go beyond and begin to offset the fuel used by all the guests on their way there as well!

In addition to working with a local scheme, we will be assigning a percentage of the profits made from each of our tents to Noisily’s in-house “Tree Planting” initiative, in which they have calculated the number of tonnes of carbon produced by their generators (even though they are already neutral chip fat burners!), and are planting twice the number of trees across the estate needed to offset the fuel burnt. These will be native White Oaks, and although in sapling form they won’t immediately soak up the waste gases, when they are fully grown and Noisily is long gone (yes, this may sadly happen one day), they will more than make up for the fuels burnt during the event.