Dear friends, family, future clients and guests! For the past six months we’ve been keeping our heads down and working hard to bring you our new project, Portobello Tents. It’s been a long and rocky road and has certainly not been without its obstacles, but on our route to market, we’ve had the most fantastic amount of fun developing a product which we believe stands head and shoulders above the competition. Luxury that transcends environment.

Portobello Tents is born from a collection of ideals: a love of the great outdoors and a desire to explore; an eye for detail and an appreciation of comfort facilitated through design; the romance that sleeping under canvas evokes, and the love of a really, really great party!

Our team has an impressive set of credentials and experience in the events and interior design industries, but before and beyond that, they are friends and family.

Laura and her brother Charles Audley are co-founders of Portobello Tents, Laura an interior designer, Charles a festival organiser and events manager at Bassline Productions and Noisily Festival of Music and Arts. With these professional ties and an understanding of the importance of inspiring “feeling”, both Laura and Charles are absolutely dedicated to the realisation of the ultimate boutique camping experience, while at the same time ensuring that where possible, all the materials and equipment at Portobello are ethically and sustainably sourced.

In support are Robbie and Lachie, Charles’ friends and business partners at Bassline Productions and Noisily Festival. Together they offer a wealth of expertise that spans the breadth and depth of events production; from pre-production and planning, through logistics and management, all the way to stage and set design, audio, lighting and more.

With 2016 on our doorstep and the promise of a summer packed with weddings, festivals and events, we are ready to roll out our stunning collection of tents and interiors, and transform the camping experience as you know it.

Stay tuned to our news feed for exciting developments, and come and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for visual updates and to simply hang out and chat! We can’t wait to get to know you all, and to welcome you into our homes! Portobello – Portable, Beautiful.