Dates: 29th July - 1st August 2021
Location: Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria

Kendal Calling was the brainchild of a group of music lovers, who, looking around some gorgeous Cumbrian fields one day, imagined how they might be better adorned with a wild and wonderful group of people and some spectacular music. In 2006, they had their first event, and since then have grown exponentially, expanding in glorious festival fashion.

For their first event, with some luck and determination, the organisers managed to sign on Pendulum and British Sea Power, ensuring their event would gain the attention and respect it would need to carry it on to the next level. Their goal was to get good music, and ensure everyone had a tremendous time whilst listening to it. Being that that just about mirrors the fundamental mindset of any festival-goer, they were soon having to move location, more than once, in order to keep up with the growing demand.

From Grate Farm to Lowther Deer Park, their current site, they have spread from 900 t0 13,000 – and gathered up a number of awards in the process. Enticing huge names from the music industry, Kendal Calling safeguards its reputation as a place for everyone by offering lineups that feature anything and everything in Folk, Rock, Pop and Dance… and showcasing exciting new acts in each.

There are over ten different stages – starring fantastic musicians and DJs in all. The excitement ranges from the Main Stage, which has seen the likes of Snoop Dogg, Blondie and Calvin Harris, to The Glow Tent, where you can really dance your socks of to cutting edge dance music, and beyond – say, to the Woodlands for some local musical mayhem (and possibly a silent disco), or to the Houseparty – where you can literally jump on furniture and listen to fab records chosen by top DJs.

Like all good festivals, they lay on a plethora of other entertainment too – from comedy and art installations to a cinema (with popcorn) and bespoke cabaret. And then there are other areas – like the Garden of Eden, where you can go for some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle and get a delicious massage or take part in a yoga class. They present art from independent artists all over the site, guaranteeing that visually, you’ll never stop noticing something new. This goes hand in hand with the fancy dress that’s ever encouraged – with a new theme every year.

There is an out-and-out phenomenon on the food front too; be it posh fortifying smoothies or Tibetan treats, there is an unending amount of culinary delights available. And for the children, should you be coming en famille, there is plenty for them to do too. In a lovely shady area with bell tents packed with kids activities and fun, parents can come with their children (0-10) and chill out.

The Lowther Deer Park in which the event takes place is a thousand years old – the deers are descendants of a magisterial gift however many years ago. In such a historically rich and beautiful natural area, the festival organisers maintain a firm outlook on minimum impact and environmental awareness. The wider surrounds of the Lake District are some of the most exquisite and astounding stretches of England, and thus worth a visit in themselves.

Glamping at Kendal Calling is a definite way to up your overall experience. Raving and roving from stage to stage in all that fancy dress might get a little wearying – so if you know what you’re doing, you’ll opt for affordable luxury camping tents. Here you can find some peace and quiet in your own space, and of course all the necessary frills to keep you happy.